About the BorZit System
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BorZit is a family owned business whose mission is to make the finest handheld underground boring system available! This is why we can offer a full one-year money back guarantee on the BorZit System.  New uses for, and Improvements to this boring system is a continuing effort for us. We not only make the BorZit System, we test it extensively and use it for underground boring projects in our area. This enables us to answer your questions about using the system and offer advice about difficult projects you may have.

All of our component parts are made in Nebraska on computerized lathes and milling machines from grade 6061 aluminum and steel from U.S. material suppliers.   All parts are made in the U.S.A.  All assembly, marketing, sales and shipping are done from our shop in  Nebraska. We try to ship all orders within 24 hours. Orders are shipped via UPS or Priority Mail to arrive at your door within 2-3 days.

If BorZit Doesn't Perform as Promised, I’ll Buy It Back And Promptly Refund Your Purchase Price

"If within one full year from date of purchase you are not completely satisfied with the BorZit Tool --- I make this special promise:

Call us toll-free at 1-800-803-8738 for return instructions. When we receive the returned tool, we will issue you a complete no-hassle refund. (Applies only to original purchaser and to the BorZit Tool purchased direct from the factory.  Accessory bits that have been used are not refundable.  Refund is based on the actual purchase price excluding shipping charges.)"

Sonny J. Porter, President, BorZit Systems

BorZit Two Year Warranty

All components (except bits) of the BorZit Trenchless Tool are warranted for a period of two full years from the date of purchase. If any part fails to work because of defects in materials or workmanship, we will repair or replace the part at no charge to you (Applies only to original purchaser and to Borzit Tools purchased directly from the Factory). Call us about the problem and we will determine if the tool should be returned to us for repair. To get your tool back in service sooner, for most repairs we can ship the parts to you along with necessary instructions for replacement.

BorZit Systems, Inc.
218 E. 3rd Street
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Kimball, Nebraska  69145

Call 1-800-803-8738 To Order
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What Satisfied Users Say About the BorZit System

“I have owned the Borzit for about 7 or 8 years now and always am amazed at what it can do. I recently was at a jobsite where a new gas line had to be put in because of a leak but had to be run under a driveway and carport and come out at a access hole cut beside house in the concrete that was only 12 inches wide because of the water line and electrical that all went in to the turn of the century home.  With my hand on the Bible I have never had a harder soil to bore and we have had a severe drought since March that made it like concrete. I got it set and proceeded to bore the roughly 90 feet and a little over an hour later you could have heard a pin drop when I came thru within an inch of where they wanted.  I can’t imagine doing my job without the Borzit System as a tool in my arsenal, it has saved me thousands in man hours and sub-contracting some company to come bore projects I have had. THANKS FOR MAKING ME LOOK GOOD!!!” -- R.M., Landscaping Contractor,  Indiana

"We have used the BorZit System for over 7 years and have probably bored 1,000 holes. It’s fast to set up and really saves us time and money." M.L., Electrical Contractor, South Carolina

"Your BorZit Tool is great!! We bored from inside a cellar wall, under a 16 foot crawl space - under the house foundation and to the water main at the street. The total bore was 34 feet. It was hard pan and a lot of stones, but we made it. If only we had your boring tool 20 years ago!" E.D., Water Supply Co., New York

"I drill water wells with the BorZit Tool. For shallow wells it sure saves me time and money!" D.E., Farmer, Colorado

"BorZit allowed us to do the biggest job our company ever had! We did 1,450 feet of bores on the project."
K.S., Electrical Contractor, New York

"The ground I’ve been boring is sometimes hard clay imbedded with flint stone, roots, granite and brick rubble. I’ve been getting so good with the BorZit Tool that I can aim the direction of the service line within inches of the city meter service connection, even if it’s below elevation. I’ve even bored a distance of 42 feet." J.S., Plumbing Contractor, Maryland

"We installed 60 feet of 3" PVC. First, we bored a 2" pilot hole, then we replaced that bit with the 5" Reamer Bit to enlarge the hole. The entire job only took 2 hours total. It went smooth as silk. No problems whatsoever. The bits work exceptionally well in our sandy-loam soil. BorZit is the best tool made for the money!" M.L., Electrical Contractor, Nebraska

"We install a lot of low level lighting and bought our first BorZit tool 2 or 3 years ago. Our bids are much more competitive now that we are using the BorZit System. It is such a great product that I am ordering another tool so we can have one on each truck." J.P., Electrical Contractor, Texas

"We just completed 4 bores under a 20 year old shopping center parking lot. Once we got the water pressure right, we made each bore very fast, accurately, and easily. It took longer to change the drill stem than to do the drilling. My guess is that each of the 32 foot bores took about 30 minutes! Everyone who saw or used the BorZit System was very favorably impressed, to say the least. Thanks for your personal interest and guidance in getting us started as well as your extra efforts to get the equipment to us fast. It’s really great to use a product that exceeds one’s expectation and get first class service and support from the manufacturer!" J.M., Shopping Center Owner, Alabama

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