How to Use the BorZit Tool

Rugged BorZit Tool with shaft machined for strength and accurate boring
2" hardsurfaced steel bit
Machined coupling to attach drill pipe to BorZit Tool adds strength and helps eliminate "wobble" in the drill pipe.
Durable Polyethylene Storage Case holds 1 1/4", 2" and 3" bits
Made in U.S.A. by U.S. citizens with U.S.A. made materials!


1.Industrial drill with a full ½" or larger chuck and constant speed of 300-500 rpm.
2.Drill pipe: We recommend ¾" schedule 40 galvanized water pipe or black steel gas pipe, cut and threaded in 3’ to 10’ lengths. Electrical Contractors often use ¾" rigid conduit.
3.A garden hose provides water to lubricate the BorZit Tool, the bit and soften the soil ahead of the bit. The water helps the bit "compact" the cuttings into the sides of the hole.
4.A Torpedo level is helpful to ensure that the bore is aligned vertically. Use an instrument or sight over 2 boards or shovel handles for horizontal alignment. By keeping the drill pipe on line for the first 2 or 3 feet of the bore, the hole will remain true; after that, the only way to change direction is to pull out and start over.


1.To prep for a bore, dig a ditch slightly deeper than the starting point of the borehole and long enough to hold the drill pipe, drill and BorZit Tool. For shallow bores, the ditch should be slightly wider than the drill. Deeper bores require enough room in the ditch for the operator to handle the drill, BorZit Tool and drill pipe. Dig a sump hole below the face of the borehole to collect any flush water that may run out.
2.Attach steel coupling to one end of the threaded ¾" drill pipe. Screw the BorZit Bit into the coupling and connect the other end of the drill pipe to the reducing coupling on the BorZit Tool. Any length of drill pipe from 3 feet to 20 feet can be used depending on drilling conditions.
3.Connect a garden hose to the ball valve on the BorZit Tool, place the drive hex in the drill chuck and tighten firmly. A ½" or larger drill that turns at a constant 300 to 500 rpm is recommended for longer bores. Smaller variable speed ½" drills can be used for short bores or in sandy or loamy soils. 
4.Sight in your bore using a torpedo level for vertical alignment and 2 boards or shovel handles for horizontal alignment.
5.Slowly turn on the ball valve until the drill pipe is full of water. Start the drill and begin your bore. Push the drill forward to maintain the forward momentum of the bore. In normal conditions you should bore about one foot per minute. 
6.When the first length of pipe is almost entirely in the borehole, turn off the drill and water. Uncouple the drill pipe from the BorZit Tool, add another length of drill pipe and continue your bore as before.
7.When you have bored through, turn off the power and water and remove the BorZit bit. Attach whatever you are installing--PVC, poly, copper, conduit, cable or other pipe to the end of the drill pipe. Attach this material to the drill pipe by threading it into the coupling, using a bushing or increasing coupling as pipe size dictates. Wire or cable can be attached using a ¾" plug with an eyebolt, or using a device such as a Kellems Grip. As you withdraw the pipe, you will be pulling the pipe or cable back through the hole toward you.

The BorZit System does not auger or flush the spoils out of the hole. The rotation of the bit compresses most of the cuttings into the sides of the hole resulting in a smooth slick hole.

A large volume of water is not needed. The water is to lubricate the BorZit Tool, the bit and soften the soil ahead of the bore. If a rock is hit that is no larger than 6" to 8" in diameter, the water will usually soften the soil around the rock and the rotation of the bit will "jiggle" it aside.

1 1/4" Bits, 3" Bits,  5" Reamer Bits and 7 1/2" Reamer Bits are also available.

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