Well Drilling and Sand Points
YES!  You can drill shallow water wells and install sand points with the BorZit System!
This is a basic overview of how to drill wells with the BorZit System.  You can print out the complete instructions by clicking here, or call us to request a copy by mail, fax or e-mail!
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What you need: 
Drill Pipe - 3/4" steel water pipe
Electric or Gasoline Drill - 1/2" or larger, turning 300-500 RPM
Water supply - water tap with hose, or tank of water to lubricate soil
Drill pipe holder to avoid dropping pipe down hole
Small level - torpedo size works well
Schedule 40 PVC Casing
Additional Tools:  Pipe wrench, PVC Cleaner and Cement, Saw, well drilling kit
1.Bore a pilot hole using a 2" or 3" bit
Use the level for the first 2 or 3 feet to ensure a straight bore.

2.Drill down 1 or 2 feet into water bearing structure.

3.Pull out of the hole and attach well drilling kit (see below for drawing).

4.Slide perforated pipe over drill pipe and begin drilling again using larger reamer bit.

5.Push the casing down with reamer, adding joints of pipe as you go.

6.If needed, install pitless adapter below the frost line.

7.Pull drill pipe out of the hole, sacrificing the reamer.

8.Check well depth and surge the water through the perforations to clean the casing, or use garden hose to flush sand out.

9.Install pump.

That's the basics!  You can also install sand points using this drill method.

For complete, detailed instructions on drilling shallow water wells and sand points, please click here for a pdf file that you can print out, or contact us and we will be happy to mail you a copy or send one via e-mail..

NOTE:  You do not need a well drilling kit to install sand points.  Please refer to the complete, detailed instructions for using the well drilling kit.