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Rugged BorZit Tool with shaft machined for strength and accurate boring,
2" hardsurfaced steel bit,
machined coupling to attach drill pipe to BorZit Tool adds strength and helps eliminate "wobble" in the drill pipe.
Durable Polyethylene Storage Case holds 1 1/4", 2"
and 3" bits.
Made in the U.S.A. by
U.S. Citizens with
U.S.A. made materials!

Core Bit Adapter
Shown in assembly for use

BorZit saves you time! In most soils, you can expect to bore 1 foot per minute. Prep work is usually fast --- averaging 15 minutes. With the time saved --- you can schedule more jobs per week and be more competitive in your bids.

BorZit saves you money! You no longer need to hire a sub-contractor with a big boring machine, or buy an expensive machine yourself. No more expensive and time consuming repairs to pavement or landscaping. You can bore a 1 1/4", 2", 3", 5" or 7 1/2" hole with the same tool; just change bits.

BorZit works under nearly all soil conditions!  Sand, loam, hard clay, shale, decomposed granite, gravel mixed with sand, coral and volcanic rock.  Small rocks are usually "jiggled" aside.

BorZit can bore 60 feet or more in one run.  Several contractors have told of boring 100 feet or more!

BorZit is durable but compact and lightweight! Made to handle tough jobs, BorZit can stand up to daily use and be reliable for years. Many tools have been in use over 15 years without any repairs. Weighing only 3 ½ pounds and just 9 ½ inches long, you can take it anywhere and use it in tight spaces. BorZit can even be used to bore from inside a basement or other structure.

BorZit can bore at any angle in any direction with amazing accuracy.

BorZit eliminates the drudgery of digging or pounding! No more costly repair to landscaping and other improvements --- no more backbreaking digging or pounding pipe under sidewalks or driveways. Saves you time, money and is so much easier.

BorZit is affordable. It can pay for itself on the first job!

BorZit is rock solid dependable! Many systems have been used for 15 years or more with no down time, just an occasional new bit. All parts are easily field replaceable!

BorZit’s compact size and light weight make this system ideal for a one man operation. The system is easy to operate, so very little training is needed.

With over 20 years experience using the BorZit System, we can offer FREE advice about your underground boring projects.
Farmers and ranchers use BorZit to Install well points, drill shallow water wells, bore through dams, develop springs or bore post holes.

Affordable BorZit System Pays For Itself Over and Over Again!
All BorZit Tool and Bits are manufactured
100% in
the U.S.A. by American
BorZit Tool shown with 2" bit and optional 3" bit
as shipped with polyethylene storage case
BorZit Systems
"Affordable Underground Boring Solution"
Call us!  Toll Free  1-800-803-8738
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The Complete BorZit System
Was $269---Now $239!
Consists of the BorZit Tool and 2" hardsurfaced bit, all of which are shipped in a durable polyethylene case. The case has an extra compartment which can hold an optional 3" bit, an extra 2" bit or an optional 1 1/4" bit.
1 1/4" Hard Surfaced Bit
Was $40 -- Now $34!
Smaller bit for installing telephone or low voltage electrical wire. It will also accept 3/4" pipe or conduit. Developed especially for use under asphalt or pavers where there is concern about settling.

2"  Hardsurfaced Bit
Was $48 -- Now $40!
Bores a full 2" hole which will accommodate a 1 1/2" conduit or pipe without couplings or a 1 1/4" conduit or pipe with couplings. Hard surfacing is welded onto the cutting edges of the wings. This bit is durable in hard, rocky or abrasive soils, or for boring in shale, sandstone or limestone.
3"  Hardsurfaced Bit
Was $54 -- Now $46!
Bores a full 3" hole, which will accommodate up to 2" conduit or pipe with couplings. Hard surfacing is welded to the cutting edges of the wings. This bit is durable in hard, rocky or abrasive soils, or for boring in shale, sandstone, or limestone.
Core Bit Adapter
Was $36 -- Now $30!
This adapter allows you to use the lightweight BorZit System to bore through concrete, brick, stone counter tops or pool decks. A core bit adapter is NOT needed for boring in soil with the bits we sell. Our bits will NOT bore through concrete or brick. The adapter is designed to fit diamond tipped core bits with 5/8"-11 threads. It is precision machined and zinc plated to resist rusting.
5" Hardsurfaced Reamer
Was $74---Now $63!
Reamer bit enlarges a pilot hole to 5" and will accommodate 3" or 4" PVC conduit or pipe with couplings. This heavy duty reamer has a body machined from 1 1/4" bar stock and has internal threads at each end. It can be pulled back through the pilot hole or pushed through depending on soil conditions and length of the bore.
7-1/2" Hardsurfaced Reamer
Was $89 -- Now $76!
Reamer bit enlarges 5" hole to 7 1/2" to accommodate up to 6" PVC pipe with couplings. Designed to be pushed back through the 5" hole. The heavy duty reamer has a body machined from 1 1/4" bar stock with internal threads at each end.
GFCI Electrical Shut-off -- $50
Portable GFCI Line Cord provides ground fault protection both indoors and out. They interrupt electrical power for equipment loads when leakage to ground is 4-6 milliamperes. 
was $269 -
NOW $239!!!


**Flat Rate Shipping is USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground, depending on shipping weight. 
Flat Rate Shipping does not apply to expedited delivery requests or to International orders.

Well Drilling Kit -- $23
4" PVC Cap, pipe coupling, o-rings and fasteners for use in drilling shallow wells and sand points.
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All BorZit Tool System
orders ship for a flat rate of $15.00
anywhere in the Continental U.S.!**
3" bit is not included in the $239 Tool System price
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